Nagai Koto Volume 2 Chapter 57: Happily hunting with everyone

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There are no eyewitness reports of the machine dragon crossing the national border.
So, the chance of the dragon still being in this mountain district is high.
The adventurers lost in money and romance rushed into the forest as if saying first come, first served.

“Oi, can you find out where it is by using divination?” (Hunter)
“If there are any huntsmen in this village, then we should get information about the ecosystem of wild beasts and monsters inhabiting the forest.” (Hunter)
“Oi, apparently there aren’t many high-level monsters, but it’s quite wide. Let’s decide on our search range and landmarks.” (Hunter)
“Let’s check up on the forest route and mountain route too.” (Hunter)

Unexpectedly, not everyone was just randomly running in.
They each have their styles and strategies, so the Hunters are all trying to search for the machine dragon with their own method.
On the other hand, what about us? Farga is just silently walking in the lead without especially giving us instructions.

“Oi, Farga, are we fine like this?” (Velt)
“Hmph, that sort of magic is what guys that don’t have perception nor intuition learn. I don’t need it.” (Farga)
“No like, even if you talk about intuition like that~.” (Velt)
“After many years of experience, you can sense each breath of the insects and birds make by just walking in the forest calmly. With just that, you’ll be able to see the damn small as, out of place things.” (Farga)
“Ahh, this older brother’s hopeless, he isn’t nice to amateurs. Too much of an instinctive genius.” (Velt)

Isn’t it better if we think of some strategy too? Then, Farga turned around and uninterestedly talked.

“The ecology of the machine dragon wasn’t damn clarified. There was only the information that that type of dragon was seen in the Divine Being Continent. Since the guys that saw it let it go past since they wanted to avoid unnecessary fights, they didn’t find out how strong the machine dragon is. That’s why I was damn surprised when I heard it would be put up for sale at the next auction. I don’t know who, how or when they captured it. Honestly, it’s useless thinking about this and that against an enemy that’s completely unknown. All you can do is believe in your intuition and walk.” (Farga)

“In other words, although you don’t have any clues, you’re just going to walk around randomly, hoping you find it? Can you still call yourself a Hunter like that?” (Velt)

However, that can’t be helped either.
Looking at our party again, there’s a spear user, martial artist, and a swordswoman, so it’s full of attack specializing members.
To be honest, it would be a lot easier if there was an all-purpose magician, and we could have just cooperated with the gathered Hunters, but Farga firmly denied all of them.
Well, he did hate being crowded from when he was a brat after all.
That part of him might be similar to Asakura Ryuuma.

“Farga, what about that woman called Cleran? You called her a monster master, but wouldn’t it considerably help if she was here?” (Ura)
“Umu, she was a somewhat scary person, but a monster master is a『Mutant of Life』, who understands all languages of animals and monsters in this world, occasionally making them their comrades. Until now, a few have been confirmed among demons, demi-humans and even humans, but are they not valuable existences that are low in number?” (Musashi)

Monster master.
I don’t really understand either, but that’s apparently a general term that you call people who have that kind of characteristic, rather than occupation.
That innate characteristic has no relation to race and is one talent.
It might be something like the absolute pitch from Asakura Ryuuma’s world.
However, you can’t learn that ability through practice, and it seems to be innate.

“Don’t get involved with that damn woman. Well, she’ll probably be the one that gets involved with you though.” (Farga)
“Kuhahaha, what, you look quite afraid. Did something happen in the past?” (Velt)
“That damn woman certainly is a monster master, but her true nature is different.” (Farga)
“True nature?” (Velt)
“In the first place, you guys don’t know shit about what a monster master is. That isn’t something that can just come to a mutual understanding with animals or monsters and make them their comrades.” (Farga)

I asked just out of curiosity.


“Farga and~ oneechan met when we were still beginners.” (Cleran)


When did she! The woman that was somehow walking with her arm around my shoulder, showed a gentle smile.

“T, this damn woman!” (Farga)
“Velt!” (Ura)
“Kuh, you swine! Get away from my lord!” (Musashi)

No one realized.
Therefore, everyone immediately shifted into their attack motion.

“Aha! Geez~, you shouldn’t get angry, grr grr♪.” (Cleran)

I thought Farga’s spear, Ura’s fist and Musashi’s sword caught Cleran, but they all passed through her.

“Tch.” (Farga)
“Wha, it, it slipped through!” (Ura)
“Wha, she, she’s a monster!” (Musashi)

I realized that I couldn’t feel the hand on my shoulder. Does this woman not have substance?

“Ufufu, otouto-kun’s retainer is really cute. Calling me a monster! At any rate, that’s awful of you~, even though I want to be part of your group, you ignored me and kept going forward after all.” (Cleran) (TL Note: Otouto = younger brother

I hear her voice, and I can feel her presence too. Looking up, I see Cleran smiling sweetly while sitting on a tree branch.
What was that, right now?

“Fufu~nn, you’re making a curious face, otouto-kun. Do you want to know? You want to know, right~. Can’t be helped, yup yup. Oneechan will teach you!” (Cleran)

I didn’t particularly ask, but since it seems like she’s going to chat about it from herself, I stayed silent.

“Do you know about the monster insect called Miraju? Mirajus are the weakest monster insects since they’re small and have no fighting ability. But you know, in the wild, their survival rate is remarkably higher than other monster insects. That’s because when they get attacked by their natural enemies, Mirajus change their body temperature and create mirages.” (Cleran)

Cleran is explaining like a school teacher, but honestly, how is that connected to this?
Then, before she finished explaining, Farga jumped up.

“Fucking die.” (Farga)
“Geez~, Farga~, I’m in the middle of giving otouto-kun a lecture you know!” (Cleran)


“Ufufu, pyuu!” (Cleran)
“D, damn it!” (Farga)

In the next moment, Cleranspat out something white from inside her mouth.

“Farga!” (Velt)
“Don’t touch it, Velt!” (Ura)
“Wha, what is this! Lord, get behind me!” (Musashi)

Farga avoided it on the spur of the moment, but when that white something landed on the ground, we doubted our eyes.
That was a huge spider web.

“That was an amazing reaction, Farga.” (Cleran)

Why can this woman spit out a spider web from her mouth!


“This is another kind of monster insect, but do you know about the Elephant Spider? It’s a huge and brutal carnivorous spider that only exists in the Demon Continent. Humans would just like~, be swallowed whole in one bite and it’s scary~. But you know, the scariest part about it is that it can make thread from inside their body that’s equipped with mana, and although they excel in flexibility and elasticity, they can’t be cut no matter what with a half-hearted attack.” (Cleran)


Like I said, enough with that, and just move on to why you can do that.
The moment I thought that Farga sighed and answered.


“This is the truth about this woman. For a monster master, understanding the voices of living things is just an extra thing. The true nature of them is that they can make the abilities of living things they eat as their own.” (Farga)


E, eat?


“When I say eat, I mean literally eat. Either they fry them after dealing with them, eat them while they’re alive during battle, or dismantle them into pieces, cooking them to eat. Something like that. They’re able to master the abilities and characteristics of all monsters in this world. That’s why it’s called monster master.” (Farga)


Eat isn’t a metaphor for something, much less a perverted meaning either.

“If I stay with Farga, I might be able to meet lo~ts of monsters I haven’t eaten before. The dragon I before was delicious~.” (Cleran)

It genuinely means eating.

“Wait a minute, Farga. I didn’t know that a monster master has that kind of ability! Isn’t a monster master only able to understand animals and monsters?” (Ura)

“That’s right. However, there are other reasons why that ability isn’t known. Most monster masters become votaries of vegetarianism the moment they realize that ability, after all.” (Farga)

Votaries of vegetarianism? Ahh, he’s talking about being vegetarian, huh. (TL Note: Farga literally says vegetarian in kanji, but Velt says vegetarian in katakana, so I just put in some extra jargon to make it sound more complicated…)

“Can you eat inedible monsters that can even converse?” (Farga)

Ce, certainly.
Ura, Musashi and I accepted it from our minds.
That reminds me, someone from someplace talked about something similar.
Something like, would you be able to eat cows or pigs that can converse with you?

“She can. No matter how much the animals scream, she eats them, occasionally dismantling their entrails and searching for the tasty parts, eating it up completely.” (Farga)

“Farga, don’t talk about people like they’re a deviant! That’s a custom in nature of natural selection! Besides, I just think that it’s manners to eat everything from their blood to their bone marrow so that you don’t let the monsters die in vain, you know?” (Cleran)

No, well, I don’t feel like arguing over the cruel cuisine or her way of eating.
Humans do anything, like constantly impregnating cows to make cow milk, making ikizukuri of fish, eating live seafood or making methods of producing foie gras, and I eat it happily.
But that isn’t the problem.
Could I do it? Eating a living thing that I can come to a mutual understanding with?
It’s probably impossible. My spirit would break.
Of course, I can understand the feelings of monster masters as they become vegetarian.
And yet, this woman does it.

“I see. I thought you were an innocent lady, but you’re quite wild. Well, leaving that aside, isn’t that smart?” (Velt)

She truly is a literal carnivore. Without even having her spirit broken, she eats meat.
It’s hard to say that this woman is just a deviant.
In my eyes, deviants are the type of guys that say they simply love seeing animals scream or bleed.
Although her senses are somewhat messed up, I feel like it’s wrong to say she’s abnormal if her only objective is to eat.
She’s different to that stupid Gyanza woman who has too extreme assumptions and isn’t open to conversation.
Rather, I can’t say I don’t think that she’s a lively woman.

“Ara.” (Cleran)
“Oi, stupid younger brother.” (Farga)
“No no no no, wait wait, Velt.” (Ura)
“Lo lo lo lo lo lo, lord! What are you saying!” (Musashi)

Hmm? What? Let alone Farga and the others, even Cleran is making a surprised face.

“Lord, are you not scared of this person?” (Musashi)
“Ah? Isn’t it fine? If you’re going to kill them anyway, isn’t it up to her whether she eats it or throws it away? Well, it’s a different story if she even eats a human though.” (Velt)
“N, no no no, but!” (Musashi)
“Rather than waving around your half-hearted animal rights spirit, isn’t it better to live optimistically while making the most of your ability?” (Velt)
“Tha, that is true, but.” (Musashi)
“Well, it’s an ability I wouldn’t want to learn even if I had to die though.” (Velt)

Well, it isn’t that different from hunting as a hobby or making pelts.
It’s just that she can hear the voices of those animals.
Although, it’s a lifestyle that I can’t pull off.
Furthermore, she’s living openly without trying to hide that.
Isn’t that fine in its own way?

No, that’s not it. It’s not wrong, but there’s probably more to it.

“No, Musashi. That might not be all it is.” (Velt)
“Lord?” (Musashi)

If it was me from a bit before, I probably wouldn’t have thought like that.
If I had met with this woman before, I probably would have immediately rejected her.
However, my current self is strangely different.

“In these few days, because I saw hideous slave merchants being violated in Shiromu and almost vomited multiple times, actually throwing up too, my senses might have gone mad.” (Velt)

I saw nothing but the repulsing vulgarness of humans and scenes of hell where massacres unfold, so I became to think, ‘isn’t it fine if it’s just eating monsters?’

“Well, she probably isn’t as scary as Esamu and doesn’t seem as stupid as Gyanza, so I don’t care anymore.” (Velt)

Then, going beyond a friendly smile, Cleran showed a smile of satisfaction.

“Nice one, otouto-kun! I can understand why Farga became a brocon~, then, could you ask Farga~? To let oneechan join your group~.” (Cleran)

Ah, no, wait a minute.

“No, when I said I don’t care, I meant that I’m not interested in you, and I don’t have any intention to let you join our group.” (Velt)
“Ehh! What’s up with that!” (Cleran)

This and that is different.

“Farga and I are the same, in that we hate being crowded by anything and everything.” (Velt)
“Wai-, whyyy! You say you hate being crowded, but aren’t you crowded right now!?” (Cleran)
“No, I was originally planning to travel alone, but a lot of things happened.” (Velt)

Cleran puffed out her cheeks in anger because of my response, but Ura and the others nodded multiple times in relief.
I mean, I would hate having such a weird lady join our group too.

“Boo~, otouto-kun you bully~, oneechan is a bit angry, you know?” (Cleran)
“Ah? What do you want, what’s going to happen if you get angry?” (Velt)
“I might take some parts of your insides?” (Cleran)

Is she seriously going to do it?
Her face is getting a bit serious.
By the time I realized it, every tree in the forest was shaking, and the birds flew away in a panic.
This situation is a little unpleasant.
However, as the person that picked the fight, I’m wasn’t that scared.
That’s because I didn’t think this woman was as scary as Esamu, like I said before.

“Fufu, just kidding~!” (Cleran)

In the next moment, Cleran jumped up in the air.
Is it a flying ability? At the very least, it isn’t magic.

“It’s an animal’s instinct. I can at least understand the strength of my enemy. Farga is here, and even the demon-chan and demi-human-chan are quite skilled. My『Current self』can’t win.” (Cleran)

As I thought, this woman isn’t completely mad.
She could even calmly judge her opponent’s power.
However, we all froze from the words she said in the next moment.

“That’s right, my current self can’t win. But I wonder what would happen if I eat the『Machine Dragon』~?” (Cleran)
“”””!!”””” (Velt, Farga, Ura, Musashi)


“See you later, mean Farga and otouto-kun. If you’re still cheeky the next time we meet, I’m going to eat Farga, okay?” (Cleran)

Cleran jumped up to the top of a mountain.
While watching her back, we became surprised.
The power and abilities of the machine dragon are unknown, but as expected, it wouldn’t be weak, right?
What would happen if that woman gained the abilities of that dragon?

“Damn it!” (Farga)
“Wai-, this isn’t good! It’s because Velt uselessly provoked her!” (Ura)
“Crap, I got a bit too cocky.” (Velt)
“Uoooo, looord, let’s run after her! If we don’t catch up fast enough, lord will, lord wiiiill!” (Musashi)

This ended up being quite a troubling development.
Doesn’t seem like we’ll be having fun hunting.

TL Note: Cleran from volume 3’s character page. There are still characters that haven’t come out yet, so I just cropped everyone out except her.

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  1. I can accept “Esamu”, as for English people it’s prounounced the same as “Isamu” (though, being French I can only read it as “Ésamu”), but how why did you romanise クレラン (kureran, so Cleran based on how you usually romanise) as Claren?

    To be fair, I’m totally with you about how the names in this novel are a freaking pain to romanise, so didn’t say much until then because most of the characters already named won’t be present (as in appearing in many chapters in succession) until 100+ chapters (and dunno if you’ll still be here by then), but Cleran is going to be present for the next 100 chapters, so I feel kinda obliged to say that her name is wrong her.

    Sorry to be a pain when I’m not even reading, just that I love this novel so much, can’t help saying things that bother me. (should have pointed that in the previous chapter, but like I said, I’m not reading them, just quickly looking at where it is, then I read the comments to know what people feel about the novel)

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    1. Oh crap, sorry I made a mistake on her name. I’ll fix it now, thanks for telling me lol. I make a lot of mistakes so it’s better for me if you tell me or else I won’t realize orz.


  2. …Okay….. She’s taken love what you eat too literally and made it [eat what you love].
    Man, I wonder how he’ll break through this new OP wall in front of him.

    Ok…out of all of the three…SHE takes the cake for the one that scares me the most.
    Really…what if she manages to eat a lich……


  3. But if I could converse Intelligently with monsters, say, talk about particle physics and the current state of politics, I wouldn’t eat them either.
    Because, I would want that liberty from aliens that invade (if they ever do). If I had any opinion on politics (even if it was wrong), I wouldn’t want them to eat me.


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  5. Now that I saw claren what did the others look like ? Anyone got link or something for LN illustrations?

    Also I sympathise with Velt since he had gone through all that I won’t care anymore either unless she would really try to eat Velt lol
    Thanks for the chap ~


  6. Love what you eat. Eat what you love. Of course Farga’s scared of her.

    Thank you for the good work. Again, another weird story development.


  7. I don’t get what was so bad about her, it’s just 1 more strong person, can help speak to animals pick up clues find Dragon faster she just wants to get some of it.


  8. Starting to remind me of of some CN novels iv e dropped cause where the m c he somehow someone in h e know if he himself provoked someone, and this type of situation occurs..


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